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Creepsies™, is an unusually freaky group of darling toddlers, you may not want to get too close to. Creepsies was created for all ages, from infants to adults that fancy a new kind of monster.

The Creepsies are a huggable, yet strangely hair-raising group of monster babies. They are a group of curly-headed tots that are cute, comical and entertaining. Be warned, however, you may want to keep your distance from them. They are monsters, after all. Although they play like other babies, they may use their sharp teeth when you least expect it. Finding a babysitter to care for these unruly toddlers is not easy.

The Creepsies presents a new twist in creative design with classic monsters presented in a cute and lovable package. Includes a baby vampire, werewolf, frankenstein, mummy and more. Designs include many playful action scenes with the creepsies getting into trouble and having monstrous fun.



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