Ghost Tamer

Ghost Tamer logo

Tara The Ghost Tamer™, is a mysterious little girl with big blue eyes and shocking purple hair. Tara The Ghost Tamer was created specifically for tween and teen girls that are enchanted by the world of spooky ghosts and haunted houses.

Tara The Ghost Tamer is different from most typical girls; she loves things that most find creepy or maybe even a little bit scary. Tara bravely ventures out into the dark of night to find menacing ghosts needing to be tamed. She encounters many frightening experiences along the way and even makes many new friends. Almost every night is like a real-life Halloween adventure for Tara.

The Tara The Ghost Tamer brand concentrates on portraying a spooky look and feel, yet in a cute way. This brand will focus on using dark colors and creepy hair-raising based settings, with ghosts and nighttime scenes. The Ghost Tamer is also being developed into an illustrated chapter book series for children.



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