Let’s Make Believe

Let’s Make Believe logo

Pogo the Panda presents, Let’s Make Believe™, Pogo’s own playfully sarcastic motto-based brand. Pogo was created specifically for people who like to openly express their antagonistic thoughts about others around them through slapstick humor.

Pogo has a lot of imagination and likes to voice his strong-minded opinion about everyone he meets. Pogo is a child at heart, yet a little bigheaded and insolent for such a sweet cuddly panda. His innocent look can be deceiving. Instead of giving out warm hugs he prefers to play his favorite game “make believe”. Playing Pogo’s version of “make believe” may just spoil your day.

“Let’s Make Believe” is a daring text-based brand featuring Pogo the Panda in various poses and scenarios. The brand carries a fun snappy appeal with bold expressive text comments accompanied by the innocent looking Pogo.




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