Pajama Party Princess

Pajama Party Princess logo

Pajama Party Princess™ is about popular young Paige who has fun-filled slumber parties with her many friends. The Pajama Party Princess was created specifically for preschool and grade-school age girls who love to have pajama parties.

Paige, The Pajama Party Princess, along with her group of best friends, is always planning her next big pajama party get-together. Paige lives and breathes pajama parties. It’s her favorite pastime and she looks forward to making each one even more spectacular and memorable than the last. Paige has a special talent to turn a typical overnight pajama party into far-out adventure.

The Pajama Party Princess brand is designed to be a favorite of those who love getting together with friends to spend quality girl-time together. The artwork offers a soft, light, painted style of illustration with lively characters. Includes many detailed designs themed exclusively around pajama party activities. The Pajama Party Princess is also being developed into a book series for children.



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