Purr n Gurr

Purr n Gurr logo

Purr n Gurr™, a tiny cat and dog that are playful friends. Purr n Gurr was created for the entertainment of everyone, big and small, who love cats and dogs.

Purr is the sweet pink feline and Gurr is the adorable blue pooch. They live together under the same roof and get along with each other in spite of their differences. They can sometimes be mischievous and get one another into trouble to get the toys and snacks they want. Purr and Gurr both enjoy playful situations where they learn about their surrounding and the likes and dislikes of each other.

The Purr n Gurr brand sets a new standard in design with this unique pair of irresistible pet characters. It focuses on simple playful designs in a brilliant array of colors and backgrounds.



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