Rainybow logo

Rainybow™, a fun playful character with rainbow-colored hair. Rainybow was created especially for the enjoyment of young children.

Rainybow is a cheerful, wide-eyed little girl set in imaginary world of colorful rainbows and bright flowered landscapes. Rainybow shares her world with many cute friends, such as ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, caterpillars and other small lovable creatures.

Rainybow enjoys exciting adventures and playful situations where she learns about her colorful surrounding. She also looks forward to many everyday activities that other children love doing, such as taking a ride down a slide or swinging on a swing. Rainybow is young at heart and always happy and smiling.

The Rainybow brand sets high standards in quality design and imagery. Artwork include many child playtime activity scenes with bright cheery colors.



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