The Royal Puppies

The Royal Puppies logo

Princella is the redheaded, green-eyed caregiver of The Royal Puppies™. Princella and the Royal Prince and Princess Puppies were created specifically for young girls who are enchanted by the luxurious world of royalty.

Princella, along with her two little robed Royal Puppies live in a majestic palace. Princella's favorite activity is caring for the two precious puppies she takes everywhere with her. The Royal Puppies adore Princella and look forward to spending time with her.

Princella enjoys dressing the puppies up in different royal outfits made especially for them. The charming prince and princess puppies have their own special thrones, yet they are more interested in playfully jumping, prancing around and exhibiting a curiosity about everything that goes on in their great kingdom.

The Royal Puppies brand is designed to be a favorite of any little girl who loves little puppies, palaces and dressing up. The artwork encompasses original imagery, colorful characters and backgrounds with a remarkable attention to detail. The Royal Puppies is also being developed into an illustrated chapter book series for children.



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