Introducing Wendy Whisper, a lighthearted little girl

Feb 27, 2005

Fort Worth, Texas (February 27, 2005) Wendy Whisper, a lighthearted little girl with soft red hair is the newest addition to the growing library of character brands from StyleStar Inc. Wendy Whisper was created specifically to appeal to young girls who love pastel colors, especially pink.

Wendy Whisper is an adorable tot that takes her pet kitten everywhere she goes. She loves to explore outside, visit playgrounds and capture dragonflies. Wendy Whisper likes making new friends, going to birthday parties and decorating her room. She also enjoys arts and crafts and, of course, spending time with her lovable kitten.

The Wendy Whisper brand provides a light and charming appeal with soft pastel colored designs. Many licensing opportunities are available in select product categories. Additional information about Wendy Whisper can be found at the Wendy Whisper information page.

About StyleStar
StyleStar Inc. is a brand development company that produces and markets original character centric designs. StyleStar has many character-based properties that are designed for children of all ages, tweens, teens, and young women. StyleStar is based in Fort Worth Texas and has been in operation since 2002.


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