Introducing Saturdae, is a sophisticated group of ultra modern glam girls

Mar 1, 2005

Fort Worth, Texas (March 1, 2005) – Saturdae, is a sophisticated group of ultra modern glam girls with a lot of wit and audacious humor. Saturdae is the newest addition to the growing library of character brands from StyleStar. Saturdae was created specifically for tweens and teens that know they’re chic and are not afraid to show it.

The Saturdae girls know fashion and are confident in themselves and how they look. They love to blurt witty remarks, although they can be somewhat direct and contemptuous. Others may think they come across a little conceited and pretentious, but they know that they are drop-dead gorgeous and not afraid to flaunt it.

The Saturdae brand uses a trendy combination of hip artistic designs and brash comments. This catch phrase centric brand is for those with confidence, sophistication and a little bit of attitude. Many licensing opportunities are available in select product categories. Additional information about Saturdae may be found at the Saturdae information page.

About StyleStar
StyleStar Inc. is a brand development company that produces and markets original character centric designs. StyleStar has many character-based properties designed for children of all ages, tweens, teens, and young women. StyleStar is based in Fort Worth Texas and has been in operation since 2002.


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