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Custom Character Development

Characters that represent brands are growing in popularity across the globe. Consumers are embracing product merchandising of popular brands that include characters, such as the famous M&M characters.


StyleStar also works hand-in-hand with companies that have a special need or idea in mind for a character concept. We can participate in co-development of an exclusive character design for publishing, apparel, animation and more.


We use a proprietary formula to develop multiple concept ideas which we then selectively review and analyze to pursue only those that we can successfully introduce to the target market and build into a strong lifestyle brand.


StyleStar oversees each step of a creative project from inception to the final stages of production. Our passion for creative innovation is matched with a strict development process that results in a high quality design that is sure to satisfy even the most finicky of clients.

Our unique development process allows us to produce a broad range of highly unique designs that target very diverse niches, age groups, product types and market segments.


Corporate and Product Character Branding

StyleStar also provides services in corporate and product character-based branding. Typically we look at the whole package, which means that we review everything about the company and product offerings that could reflect in the overall brand image. We review such areas as business structure, customer base, store layout, product names, product packaging, color combinations and even typefaces.


Many companies can profit from creative character branding. Character branding takes an extremely well executed strategy to make it an ongoing success. The key to successful character branding is offering the right character design in the right way that best fits the business and its clientele.


If your company is experiencing poor sales or slow growth, then we may be able to help turn your situation around with a rework of your brand with the use of animated characters. We specialize in helping businesses as a whole differentiate themselves from their competition.


Optimal success requires a collaborative effort between both parties. Our focus on teamwork and open communication allows us to offer unmatched service and measurable results. StyleStar can help a company break out from its competitive market using progressive creative techniques.


Illustration and Graphic Design

StyleStar provides custom character illustration and design. We can create a fresh new style of character-based artwork for projects relating to book publishing, magazines, Internet, and most other media formats. We can also serve as design consultants for your own in-house project. Only a limited amount of custom design work is accepted each year based on our current volume of active projects.


Please contact us for more information about any or our services.

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